Sunday, October 24, 2010

A sick week...

As we have been sick this week with a nasty tummy bug, here are just a couple of points:
  • beach towels make great bed sheets in the middle-of-the-night-emergency-sheet-change scenario.  They also double as blankets, and couch protectors!
  • I have found you can never have too many buckets.
  • the washing machine has been going non-stop.
  • the "Get $ 1.00 for everytime you get it in the bucket/toilet" is working a treat.  However we are down quite a bit of money.  The count so far rests at: Tinkerbell - $5, Transformer - $ 12, Spot - $ 3 although he has missed a few times bless him :(  and poor Spiderman is on $ 0 .  He hasn't vomited as yet.  Touch wood.  At least the money is a little silver lining for the poor little souls.
  • and finally, hydralyte, hydralyte, hydralyte!!  Those iceblocks have been really good.
I'm sure this coming week will see us in much better health.

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