Monday, October 4, 2010

How have your holidays been so far?

We're on school holidays in this house.  Actually into our second and final week now :(  I'm allowed to be sad as I'm on holidays too, and the end of the holidays means it's back to work for me. 

It has also been quite wet outside, and the following is a good rainy day activity.

With school aged children and toddlers at home, it's tricky to find crafty things that all will enjoy.  That's why I was thrilled with the way our masks worked out.  I saw similar masks for sale at Spotlight (NOT cheap) and thought it would be easy enough to do something similar at home.  We used the cardboard from ice cream cone boxes as they are very sturdy, but my daughter liked the craft so much she made extras out of paper and they worked a treat.

So cut out your shape, let the kids paint, and we stuck chopsticks on the back, and then used wooden skewers when we ran out of those.  And voila!  Puppets!

And, of course, a wonderful puppet show created by my four fabulous kids!

I had to laugh when my 4 year old had his cat 'falling upside down!"

So cute!

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