Saturday, October 30, 2010

Magnet toys

I have to admit that I am sad I cannot include the beautiful, smiling faces of the little ones in these photos, I post these photos so that our families and friends can have an idea of what we get up to.  (Or what the little ones get up to...!)

Within these parameters I can at least use this blog as a way of allowing the kids to look back on these little things they did when they were younger.  And add that I just loved spending the morning playing with Spiderman and Spot, and watching Spiderman do these pictures entirely on his own! 
And together, Spot and I created these:
I know I shouldn't say 'create' because we're really just following the card, but the beauty of this toy is that it allows for the older ones to make up their own animals/scenes etc.  It's a toy that really grows with them.  I also can't believe that we still have all the pieces and cards after 2 or 3 years.  That is definitely a miracle!

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